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n Resistance free
n Eliminates biofilms
n Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity
n Excellent residual action
n Non stinging and safe
  Category Antiseptics
  Product Name Nusept™
  Product Class Microbicidal antiseptic solution
  Composition 1% v/v PHMB [poly(hexamethylenebiguanide) hydrochloride], Perfume, Fast green FCF as color
  Description NUSEPTÔ is a new generation, powerful, non stinging microbicidal antiseptic solution.
It is safe and highly effective for medical, pharmaceutical, food and dairy, personal care
and general purpose antisepsis, disinfection and first aid use. NUSEPTÔ is also
recommended for household & industrial disinfection & antisepsis.
  Application Medical – Inter-operative irrigation, Pre & post surgery skin and mucous membrane disinfection, Post-operative dressings, Surgical & non-surgical wound dressings, Surgical Bath/Sitz bath, Routine antisepsis during minor incisions, Catheterisation, Scopy etc, First aid, OT/HOSPITAL Surface disinfection, Surface & Linen disinfection
Industrial - In Pharmaceutical industry, Food & beverage industry, Hotel industry, Dairy
industry etc for General surface disinfection, Eliminating biofilms
General - General surface disinfection, Personal hygiene, First aid, Linen disinfection
  Activity Broad spectrum Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal
  Cat. No. NST 0125, NST 5000
  Availability 125 ml and 5000 ml