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n Potent Long lasting effect
n Eco friendly
n Safe for food and water disinfection
n Low resistance potential
n Non-Toxic
  Category Environment and Surface
  Product Name Silvicide™
  Product Class Aerial fumigant and surface and water disinfectant solution.
  Composition 0.01% w/v Silver nitrate IP, 10% w/v Hydrogen Peroxide IP.
  Description Silvicide™ is a clear universal disinfectant based on a complex of silver ions and hydrogen peroxide as an oxidizing agent that can be used for aerial fumigation and for surface and water disinfection. It does not alter the taste, colour or smell of food.
  Application Medical, Industrial, General
  Activity Broad spectrum; Virucidal, Bactericidal and Fungicidal.
  Cat. No. SCE1000, SCE2500, SCE5000
  Availability 1000 ml, 2500 ml, 5000 ml