Product Range at a Glance

Ø Immunohaematology Reagents
  - Reagents for Forward / SubGrouping
  - Reagents for Rh Typing & Crossmatching
  - Reagents for Special Applications
  - Red Cell Panels
  - Reagents for Matrix Gel System
  - Card Test for Blood Grouping
Ø Immunology Reagents
  - Fertility Reagents
  - Rheumatology Reagents
  - Infectious Disease Reagents
  - Other Markers
Ø Insight Range
  - Hepatitis Range
  - HBV Markers
  - Infectious Diseases
  - Drug of Abuse
Ø Immunoturbidimetry Reagents
Ø Haemostasis Reagents
Ø Haematology Reagents
Ø Instrumentation (Coagulation, ELISA, Matrix Gel System and Turbidimetry)
Ø Fertility tests (Rapid) -Tina HCG
Ø Parasitology Range - Paratrol
Ø Fertility Range
Ø Infectious Disease Range
Ø Parasitology range
Ø Fertility Range
Ø Infectious Disease Range
Ø Infectious Disease Range
Ø Parasitology Range
Ø Fertility Range
Ø Cancer Markers
Coral Clinical Systems
Ø Clinical Chemistry Reagents
Ø Instrumentation (Clinical Chemistry Analysers)
Ø Dehydrated Culture Media
Ø Media Bases
Ø Veg. Media Bases
Ø Media Selective Supplements, Agents And Enrichments
Ø Ready to use
  - Water quality testing kits
- Rapid one step presumptive identification kits
- Ready prepared media
- Blood culturing systems
- Instaprep range
- Mycobacteriology
- Analytical reagents and indicators
- Readymade staining solutions
- Biochemical identification kits
- Urine culture
Ø Sterile Ready Prepared Plates
Ø Biogram
  - Antimicrobial Susceptibility Discs as per CLSI
- Antimicrobial Susceptibility Discs not as per CLSI
Ø Plant Tissue Culture Media
  - Dehydrated Plant Tissue Culture Media
- Plant Tissue Culture Chemicals - Macro Elements
- Plant Tissue Culture Chemicals - Micro Elements
- Plant Tissue Culture Chemicals - Vitamins
- Plant Tissue Culture Chemicals - Amino Acid
- Plant Tissue Culture Chemicals - Carbohydrate
- Plant Growth Regulator
- Gelling Agent
Ø Accessories
Ø High technology disinfectants
  - Handcare
- Antiseptics
- Skin Preps
- Environment and Surface
- Instruments
- Disinfection Accessories