Microxpress, a Division of Tulip Diagnostics (P) Ltd. is renowned world over for its reliable immunodiagnostics and platforms for Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics.

The group commits building products to international standards, through indigenous R&D has accorded the company virtual leadership in most product segments domestically. Its state-of-art manufacturing facility conforms to the strictest GMP regulations. In its efforts tobuild world-class quality products, the group has ISO 13485: 2003 certification.

Accumix Dehydrated Culture Media, Bases and Supplements are manufactured out of prove and well-characterized ingredients in the state of the art facilities under stringent product and process control specifications.

With the launch of Sterile Ready Prepared Plates & Biogram (Antimicrobial Susceptibility Discs), Microxpress takes another step to address the need of professional microbiologists acrossthe full spectrum of Clinical, Analytical, Industrial and Research Laboratories.

The Company would add many more products to expand and consolidate its portfolio ofexcellent products with consistent quality and performance.

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