Instrument Components
Matrix™ Gel System
Instrument Components
Components Intended Use


Matrix™ Card Centrifuge (CC-2400) For centrifugation of Matrix™ gel cards. Can accommodate 24 Matrix™ gel cards at a time. CC-2400
Matrix™ Card Warmer For incubation of Matrix™ gel cards. CW-2400
Matrix™ Bottle Top Dispenser For dispensing Matrix™ Diluent-2 LISS for preparation of red cell suspension. BD-5250
Matrix™ Work Station For systematic arrangement of Matrix™ gel cards and samples or red cell dilution tubes. WS-1200
Matrix™ Sample Dispensing Pipettes 10µl, 25µl, 50µl Fixed Volume Pipettes and one Variable volume 5-50µl pipette. MP-0010,
MPV-0050 (Variable vol.)
Matrix™ Micropipette Tips Micropipette tips for Matrix™ Sample Dispensing Pipettes.


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